Research reveals that biological systems have evolved with a complicated genetic power over all bodily processes, but there is not blueprint or design to reveal the evolution of one organ or an entire organism. Elements and organs within the body communicate with elements near their local surroundings on the basis of certain simplistic patterns and rules.

Biological systems are constantly experience sudden loops of complicated feedback from one organ to another. These cells that constitute one entire organism work a lot more like an army of ants, hence, there is no top-to-bottom command or chain of control. And this situation also applies to neurons and the human brain.

Science has revealed to us all that the natural processes of evolutionary take place with a complex process of self-organising, triggering the illusion of a grand design. However, it is interesting to note that these evolutionary process that tend to lack foresight, planning or nurturing have led to the development of human beings who are capable of exhibiting care, planning and conducting foresight.

At all the various levels of early development amongst humans, the grades of self-awareness and consciousness tend to vary along with the levels of impairment in brain functioning, which is completely different in the complex evolutionary process that occurred in animals. We are the product of the powerful and interconnected networks present within our brain, and we are made with a lifetime of memories, experiences, learned behaviours, acquired knowledge, intellect and our habits.

We are the sum of all the information that is physically embedded in the network connections of our brain, which is repeatedly manifesting on itself by creating a cybernetic loop. Human beings and living things are nothing but an organisation of matter, and given that information has a physical entity within the brain, humans are a powerful network of information and knowledge. Our sense of self is actually an illusion that our brain has led us to believe, but we have to admit, this illusion is utterly and insanely mindblowing, isn’t it?


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