In this modern age of social media, most of the people in the society spend a major portion of the day using their smartphones, tablets, laptops or other tools of technology. So, this means that people live in two worlds; one of social media and the other actual world they are in. This makes very difficult to concentrate on the actual world while being continuously bombarded with stimuli on social media. This efficiency in concentration is needed by almost every one of us. Similarly, improvement in concentration is also needed by students and job-holders. Education, especially during the exams and also during the classes, demands high level of concentration; so does any job. Yoga can be very helpful for your concentration and bringing awareness in the present moment.

The linkage of breath with motion and a full presence of mind is what yoga is all about. Body’s alignment, movement and the focus on breath are the major components of concentration and practice is itself centered on this concentration.

Balance is the key for concentration and similarly balancing asanas help greatly in focusing on present moments. All the stimuli and factors that can metaphorically or physically make us fall are countered by the balance poses which help us realize and concentrate on the points that would help us retain balance and be in the present. Here are the five yoga poses that can be helpful.

1. Sukhasana (The Easy Pose)

Sukhasana Easy Yoga Pose

Sukhasana is also called The Easy Pose but it cannot always be easy especially if you are used to sitting on the chair; It is a Sanskrit word which means the easy pose. Sukhasana helps you a lot in improving the attention and also the alignment of your posture. It can also help in lengthening the spine, opening the hips and promoting inner calm.

How to Do This Pose:

This can be achieved by firstly placing your buttocks on the floor and then crossing the legs such that the feet are right under your knees. Your hands should be resting on the knees with palms may be up or down.

Try to lengthen your spine by pressing the ground with buttocks and reaching the crown of head up. The shoulders should then be dropped down and back and the chest pressing towards the front. Face, belly and jaws should be in resting position and tongue be touching to the roof of the mouth just behind front teeth. Breathing should be done through nose down to the belly.

Try to hold this position for as long as possible.


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