Being a mother is more than just giving birth, but having a baby apart from demanding a lot from you, changes almost everything about you.

The journey of becoming a mother is not without its challenges and sacrifices, your body takes on a whole cycle and it commits a miracle. Having a baby is a common miracle and it happens every day and every year all around the world, but oddly enough women are never prepared for the transition there body and brain are about to go through.

For just like the heart and the womb, the brain will never be the same again. It is best that women come into a greater awareness of their bodies and health, so that they may live to the best of their abilities and not feel out of control.

Here are 8 weirdest things that happen to your brain after giving birth.
Credit: MedMD

Here are some of the weirdest things that happen to your brain after giving birth.

1. The Brain Shrinks in Size

Studies have shown that the part of the brain connected with care giving and social cognition actually gets smaller, but for all the good reasons.

Dr Atkinson explains that, ‘the areas that shrink the most have functions surrounding social cognition and care giving, and some argue that the shrinkage is actually connected with a refining and enhancement of how these areas function and respond’.

How much does your brain shrink during pregnancy
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Dr Atkinson added that there is a lot more to learn about this, and who knows what else we can learn about this transitional phase mothers go through.

2. Are you High?

So far the journey to becoming a mother has been full of headaches and belly aches, but this is one the more enjoyable side effects.

Just like the body is full of oxytocin to fuel love, it will also be filled with an abundance of dopamine to make having that bundle of joy feel like the best thing ever. So you really will be high on love.

Obsessive compulsive behavior after giving birth

The journal Pediatrics had a study in 2008, which found that when women saw their babies smile, the reward signals in their brains was triggered. So just like a happy indulgence, the right amount of dopamine makes the pain seem worthwhile.


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