Have you ever wondered how the human brain developed its cognitive abilities to understand, perceive, think, comprehend and be aware of itself?

We are all aware of the basic fact that the human brain is a physical organ, but how do we attempt to understand the process of the evolution of the mind and the emergence of human consciousness?

Think about yourself for a second, do you think you are a brain, or do you think you have a brain? Do you think that your sense of self, your personality, your consciousness and your mind are the only manifestation of the physical organ that is your brain?

The mind usually strikes as a spiritual and ethereal concept that has no physical manifestation. It can be challenging to get over the basic intuition that the brain and mind are two different entities. However, modern scientific research reveals that the mind originates within the brain, and no other organ except the brain.

Basically, the mind is the manifestation of what the brain does and perceives. Any given theory or phenomena that fails to take into account this basic assumption would obviously imply that everything that neurological and modern scientific research has achieved so far is blatantly inaccurate.

Understanding that human consciousness has a physical form is the underlying principle that guides various effective and successful treatments to eliminate mental health ailments. Experts reveal that they regularly interact with patients who experience minor or dramatic impact that tend to vary in terms of brain disturbances or defaults in the brain functioning that impact the mind and personality.

This is why certain physical medical treatments tend to bring about effective cognitive, behavioural and emotional benefits. Research has clearly validated that there is no feature of the human mind, personality or the self that is immune to the influence of chemical drugs or physical ailments that damage the neuronal circuitry.

Those who have suffered from or seen others suffer from slowly progressive dementia, severe head injuries, or other ailments that lead to severe mental health ailments or brain damage, you are well aware of the process disruption that causes the mind to disassemble in a way, finishing away the individual and personality entirely. These changes vividly explain that the mind is completely an aspect of the human brain, the health of the mind relies on the health of the neural circuitry.



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