It is true that a significant number of people around the world are afflicted by the malaise of cancer. Due to the 21st century sedentary style of living, the situation doesn’t appear to get any better.

In order to allow this problem from slowly taking our power away, we must become vigilant and make major lifestyle and diet changes to take back power from disease to a more healthy life. Here are listed a few if changes that can empower us from the weakness within.

Read on to discover why there are lots of things in your control, like exercise, diet, and vaccinations, that can cut your chances of getting cancer. #cancertreatment
Credit: MedMD

Here, take a look at the 14 things you can do to prevent cancer and why it works.


How to Quit Smoking Easily

One cigarette is packed with 250 detrimental chemicals and approximately 70 percent of these chemicals cause cancer. Unlike popular opinion cigarette does not only cause lung cancer but also 12 other types of cancers which include throat, stomach, mouth, bladder, kidney, and others.

The sooner you quit the better it will be. Ask your doctor to assist with techniques to quit smoking.


Broccoli Cancer Cure

Vegetables and fruits have a reputation for fighting cancer due to their high fiber and nutrient value. Give a shot to kale, cabbage, brussels sprouts, broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables. They are known to protect cell DNA from damage which can turn cells cancerous.

According to research, berries have been found to fight cancer with certain chemicals that can stop the damage.


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