1. Make a Slow Fist

Making a fist is an easy and quick exercise that we all know how to perform. You just have to curl your fingers slowly until they meet the palm and wrap the thump around. The only difference is, you have to do this slowly.

Curl your fingers to the palm, then open your hand again that is slowly.

Repeat the motion 10 times with each hand. You will feel the instant relaxation in your hand muscles.

2. Bend Down Your Fingers

To begin with, extend all of your fingers and bend all of them one by one, slowly go from index finger to pinkie finger, moving towards your palm.

Hold your fingers this way for few seconds and then release them to be straight again.

Repeat the process 5 times with each hand. This exercise will strengthen your finger muscles.

3. Bend Your Thumbs

Hey, don’t forget about the thumb that too needs attention.

Fold the thumb facing the palm, like trying to touch the pinkie.

Hold it for few seconds then repeat 5 times


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