Everyone has its own choice of eating different flavor of cakes. Some people like cheesecakes, some people like cream cake and some people like simple or plain cakes. Today, I am going to share another recipe of cake whose name is White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake.

This cake can be made for some very special occasion or events like parties, birthdays etc. It is not just tasty but also healthy due to the use of white chocolate and raspberry.

White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake


  • White sugar : 5 tablespoons
  • Crumbs of chocolate cookie : 1 cup
  • Vanilla extract : 1 teaspoon
  • Water : ½ cup
  • Eggs : 3
  • Cornstarch : 2 teaspoons
  • White sugar : ½ cup
  • Frozen raspberries : 1 (10 ounce)
  • Half and half cream : ½ cup
  • Melted butter : ¼ cup
  • Softened cream cheese : 3 (8 ounce)
  • White chocolate chips : 2 cups


1.  First take a bowl which is medium in size. Mix altogether melted butter, sugar 3 tablespoons and cookies crumbs. Start pressing the mixture from top with help of spring form pan.

2.  Take a saucepan and combine water, sugar 2 tablespoons and raspberries. Bring altogether to boil and wait for more five minutes for complete boiling or when your sauce becomes thick. Strain it with help of mesh strainer for removing the seeds.

3.  Preheat your oven at 325 degree F. Take a pan and fill it with water and put it on heat and then take a small bowl which can easily fit on that pan. In bowl, add white chocolate chips and put them on pan for melting. You can melt the chocolate until becomes smooth.

Cheesecake with Raspberry and White Chocolate

4.  Again take another bowl which is large in size and mix sugar ½ cup and cream cheese altogether until it becomes smooth. Then beat all eggs at same time and mix them in melted white chocolate and vanilla. Pour half batter over to crust. Put sauce of raspberry 3 tablespoon over to batter. Then pour all the remaining batter of cheesecake in to the pan and on top of it apply raspberry sauce 3 tablespoon. Now swirl the batter by using knife tip to create a beautiful marbled effect.

5.  Start baking the cake for almost one hour or till filling is completely set on it. You can cover with the plastic wrapping sheet as well as put it in refrigerator for about 8 hours maximum before you can remove that batter from the pan. You can serve this cake with remaining sauce of raspberry.



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