1. The myth of the Hazy Vision

An upset blood flow to and from the brain and eyes and vice versa may lead to sudden blackouts or cloudiness of vision. This may alarmingly need medical care for prevention of immense damage.

The vision may get normal very soon, but the danger of a recurrence of the symptoms may persist.

2. Bulging Eyes

Swollen neck and puffy eyes are symptoms of hyperthyroidism. In this state the thyroid gland is hyperactive hence leading to hormonal imbalance. This may have several side effects such as diarrhea, trembling limbs and weight loss. Medicinal dosage and surgical treatment may take care of the gland’s activity, but the real problem of the puffiness of eyes would remain unaddressed.

3. Blurred Vision

An excess of blood sugar levels may cause diabetes hence resulting in the disturbance of vision. If the issue of the disturbed vision is not keenly taken care of, it may end up to be a grave problem i.e. leakage of blood vessels in the eyes.

This can be treated by performing surgical procedures, but then again it would not be as good as a perfect vision but only a much-needed fix.


  1. Im glad i read this i have been suffering from swollen eye lids since july 2015 i have been backn4th to drs eye dr to allergy .one will say allergy one would say dry eye. One even try to say it was lupus.its not lupus or allergies i dont belive its dry eye.even had a biopsy.,ctscan all kinds of blood work now my cheeks swell from time to time i even went to rumotology got put on plaquinil.now i have vision problems got to get glasses .i can feel pressure in my eye .its rough go to the store they stare at you like you got the plague. Please help me with some possiable answers.

  2. To Angelia, go to just one doc. Diagnosis of illness is a process of elimination. If you go from one to another each doctor will start with what they think is most likely and work on from there.


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