In today’s world, people seem worried about their health as well as about fitness. People want to look attractive as well as beautiful all the time. People don’t want to gain weight and do lot of things to lose the body mass. The purpose behind losing weight is to look beautiful as well as attractive and pretty. The body mass can be increased or decreased as per person’s choice. Most of the people are observed trying losing their weight. Apple cider vinegar which is also known as ACV is considered to be one of the best elements to lose weight. The body mass can be reduced with the help of AVC. There are many other benefits of ACV as well like keeping the heart healthy as well as reducing the chances of different types of cancers.

There are different benefits associated with weight loss. These include reducing the amount of unwanted cholesterol in the body, preventing heart diseases and issues, making the body active and much more. Apple cider vinegar is considered to be highly useful in decreasing the body mass. This is due to many types of reasons like it contain acids which can decrease the appetite level. When you eat less then there are chances that you can lose weight easily. When you drink Apple Cider Vinegar then the metabolism rate becomes fast with the help of which you can burn the calories easily. When this vinegar is consumed by a person then the absorption of glucose in the body decreases which can turn out to be useful process in weight loss.

The apple cider vinegar can be used by a person who want to burn the extra calories in the body. It is very important to note that there are no side or negative effects of using Apple Cider Vinegar and it doesn’t harm the body as well. There are different other benefits related with usage of ACV, these include strong immune system, providing energy to the body, making the digestion process smooth etc.

How to Detox with Apple Cider Vinegar Diet

There are different ways of taking apple cider vinegar.

1. You can add one to two tablespoons of ACV in a glass of water and make a mixture by adding a teaspoon of honey in it. This mixture should be taken by a person three times in a day.

2. You can drink the ACV directly (without mixing in water) before taking meals. This will have a positive impact in losing the body mass.

3. One of the best way of taking this vinegar is by adding it in any other drink of your choice. You can add it in a soft drink, in tea, juice, coffee or any type of drinkable item. The results will be same i.e. you will reduce the body mass in just few days.

4. Apple cider vinegar should be mixed with water and must be consumed on daily basis so that the proper results can be attained. No gap should be there and regular intake is mandatory to get the output.

5.  One of the most important things to keep in mind is that the Apple Cider Vinegar should not be drunk directly or solely. It should be mixed with water or other drinkable item otherwise the gums can be damaged severely. Another important point is that the mixture of ACV should be consumed on daily basis, if not done so then the required results or weight loss will not happen.

There are many other ways of losing weight but that can be dangerous or hazardous for the health of a person. Instead of going to the doctor for getting weight loss treatment, one should go to the nearest retail store for buying apple cider vinegar.


  1. the article is good but you contradict yourself in two different places on very important points. First you say ACV can be drunk by itself before meals. Later on you say never drink it alone. Which is it? At one point you state that ACV has no negative side effects and will not harm the body. Then later on you also state that it can cause damage to the the gums. you really should rewrite this article and fix those issues. But you do very well for someone whose first language is clearly not English.

    • You should never drink ACV by itself. It will destroy your teeth enamel. And is bad for your organs and you should rinse your mouth out right after you drink it. I think it mess with your bones also. I have to take my vitamin D3 when ever I drink this stuff for acid reflux

  2. Can u give me some advice about my hypertension, Iam tsking medicine every day to control my hypertension, as per my blood chem.all are normal my ecg ,stress test everything is normal,except my bp pressure getting higher up to 160/80 can give some tips to control it in natural way,Iam doing my every day exercise regularly.


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