Mango is king of all fruits and it is eaten by everyone when season of mango starts. Mangoes come in summer season when hot weather is at high peak. You can eat mangoes as much as you can or even use mangoes in cakes, desserts, fruit salad etc. Taste of mangoes is much sweeter as sugar or honey. It has a lot of health benefits which mostly people are aware of. This fruit is available in diverse sizes and shapes depending on the cultivator type. It has creamy and sweet taste which contains more minerals and vitamins.

These all kinds of mangoes are one of top fruit which is consumed much all round the world. It also helps in preventing human being from colon cancer, good for hairs and skin; improve your digestion system and macular degeneration.

Types of Mangoes

There are diverse varieties of fruit mangoes which are relished and cherished by folks.

  • Baiganpally
  • Alphonso
  • Saphead
  • Chaunsa
  • Totiya
  • Langara
  • Kesar
  • Sindheri
  • Devgargh
  • Dusheri
  • Fajri
  • Ratnagiri
  • Samman Bahist

Top 8 Health Benefits of Mangoes

Here are listed some best health benefits of eating mangoes.

1. Good for Eye Health

Mangoes are the one which are essential for your eye health and also improves your eye vision. One mango contains 25% of Vitamin A which is vital for your eye health. Vitamin A assists in preventing anyone from dry eyes and night blindness.

2. Protect from Heart Diseases

Mangoes include selenium, Beta-carotene, potassium and Vitamin E. These all things are effective and help in building your heart much healthy. Beta-carotene is the one which is helpful for cardiac patients. Even the potassium is also good for muscles, nerves and heart for working properly. Vitamin C arouses corpuscles of white blood as to work much proficiently for destroying germs and bacteria.

3. Prevent from Cancer

Different research shows that antioxidant are found in mangoes which helps in protecting yourself from prostate, colon, leukemia and breasts cancers. The compounds which are found in mangoes are abundant enzymes, quercetin, methylgallat, isoquercitrin, gallic acid, astragalin and fisetin.

4. Get rid of heat stroke

For getting rid of heat stroke you have to take green mangoes and take juice from it. Then add sweetener and water and blend in grinder to make smoothie or shake. It will assist in cooling your whole body as well as prevent your body from sun.

5. Lower in Cholesterol Level

High amount of vitamin C, pectin and fiber which found in mangoes that assists in lowering your serum levels of cholesterol, especially lipoprotein of low density.

6. Cleans your Skin

Mangoes are best which can be utilized for both external and internal skin of your body and face. It also eliminates pimples and clogged pored which can appear on your face skin.

7. Controls High Blood Pressure

Mangoes have low index of glycemic that maintains your level of blood sugar as well as balances your level of fats. Potassium that is found in mangoes regulates fluid mechanism and blood pressure in your body. Those who have diabetes problem can eat mangoes as well because it resolves diabetic problems.

8. Good for Pregnant Women

Mango fruit is helpful for those women who are pregnant because mangoes contain good quantity of iron which enables to sustain your level of HB and flow of proper oxygen. Doctors also recommended eating mangoes throughout menstruation. It helps in relaxing your muscles as well as avoids abortion because of the presence of magnesium and calcium.

Mango Health Benefits Infographic

So those who have the above stated problems must eat mangoes as much as possible for making them healthy.


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