5. Gallbladder cancer

Five-year survival rate: 17.9%
Lifetime risk: Around 1 in 1,300 for men and 1 in 550 for women

Statistics suggest that around 1 in over 500 women and 1 in nearly 1300 men are likely to develop this rare kind of cancer. It has a five-year survival time, while the chances of being cured fall around 17.9%.

You see, the gallbladders is a tiny body organ located deep within the abdomen, right underneath your liver. It is responsible for controlling and storing an important stomach fluid, called bile, which aids your digestive system in breaking down and absorbing the food that you consume.

Gallbladder cancer can be identified by the signs of a severe and persistent pain that strikes the upper abdominal region of your body, it is one of the earliest sings to spot this disease. Patients who develop gallbladder cancer are plagued by awful genetic risk factors, along with painful symptoms like chronic inflammation.

6. Esophageal cancer

Esophageal cancer usually tends to have a 5-year survival time, while research suggests that its survival rate is around 17.9%. If it occurs in the stomach, the survival rate is 29.3%, for the uterus its 27.2%, and for the brain its 30.3%.

All these various types of cancers attack the body with their own unique set of symptoms and risks, however, medical research strongly validates the fact that the risk for cancers can be eliminated and cured with a consistently healthy lifestyle, comprising of a wholesome diet, regular exercise and a lean, active body.


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