3. Liver & bile duct cancers

Five-year survival rate: 17.2%
Lifetime risk: Roughly 1 in 100

Your liver is the biggest internal organ inside your body, and it is located in your abdomen, right below your right lung. The liver plays an incredibly essential role in the body, as it is responsible for breaking down the food that you consume, along with ensuring all its healthy nutrients have been effectively absorbed by the body.

Bile duct or liver cancers usually tend to have a survival rate of 17.2%, and patients diagnosed with these life-threatening ailments usually live up to 5 years. It’s is a fairly uncommon type of cancer, as it only occurs amongst no more than one amongst hundred people.

However, individuals who nurture an uncontrollable drinking habit, or have been diagnosed with hepatitis C or B, tend to be at a great risk for developing liver cancer, or other excruciatingly painful liver ailments, primarily liver cirrhosis.

Liver and bile duct cancers can be spotted by symptoms such as loss of appetite, alarming weight loss, and feelings of satiation without having eaten anything. However, all these symptoms also to occur in several other diseases related to the stomach and digestive system, and several of these ailments aren’t life-threatening.


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