2. Mesothelioma

Five-year survival rate: 9.2%
Lifetime risk: 1 in 140 for men, 1 in 710 for women

The mesothelium is a delicately thin tissue layer that holds some of your most vital body organs, such as the heart, lungs and several others. Mesothelioma occurs when this thin layer of tissue gets attacked by cancerous tumors and cells.

Statistics reveals that this painful cancer is fairly rare, as it occurs in around 1 in 170 women, and nearly 1 in 140 men. It has a 9.2% survival rate, while the patients are likely to live up for five years after being diagnosed.

Several studies suggest that nearly 80% of cases reported of mesothelioma cancer were strongly linked to exposure to asbestos, and this explains why individuals who work in the construction industry, plumbing services and other building-related jobs tend to have the greatest risk of developing this rare kind of cancer.

It can be spotted with symptoms such as lack of breath, swelling in the stomach, severe abdominal pain, and chest aches. However, the symptoms do tend to vary according to the exact location of the cancer in your body.


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