7. Same Diet

If you are on your weight lose journey and following a proper diet with workout plan, your body will shed weight at first by increased metabolism but after sometimes your body will get used to the routine and this routine will stop affecting your metabolism and you will stop losing weight. To overcome this problem you must keep changing your diet every other week or month and try different cardio workouts so that you will not be bored with your routine neither your body will.

8. Not Taking Enough Sleep

Not taking enough sleep or sleeping too much can also affect your weight. Try to sleep 8 hours at night for healthy lifestyle and avoid staying awake all night and sleeping all day.

9. Working Out Too Much

Sometimes we think if we spend more time exercising, we will burn more calories. Which is sometimes right but exercising more will also promote hunger and you will end up eating more, because if you exercise more and more than it will be harder for you to control hunger pangs and if you still try to control them, you will be facing severe nutrient deficiency.

Make your habit to exercise on time which includes cardio for some days and fix some days for weight training and if you are attending the gym on a regular basis then try to walk no more than 30 minutes a day. And if you are not regular gym person then walk or run for one hour every day along with healthy diet for weight loss.


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