5. Trail Mix

Dried fruits and nuts have many health benefits individually; but when combined they are an ideal amalgam of fibre, protein and carbs. Carbohydrates devoid of fat are quick to break down into its component give you short lived bursts of energy.

Trail mix gives you a steady supply that’s available throughout the day. Proteins available in trail mix are good for building muscles and do not contribute to the production of fat, something bodybuilders would appreciate.

Energy Tip: Ready made trail mix may be easy to buy but it contains a lot of artificial additives and oils.make some of your own by mixing your favorite nuts (peanuts, pistachios, almonds) and add some dried fruit to the mix. You can also add in pretzel bits and whole grain cereal for more fibre and carbohydrates.

6. Water

Your hydration status determines your energy levels. Low glucose levels and starvation hits later but dehydration hits you much earlier than you anticipate. Water is the medium through which all nutrients travel through your body.

If your water levels are low you will be unable to utilize all the food you eat or excrete waste products produced. Drinking plenty of water is important for maintaining adequate health, especially post-workout.

Energy Tip: Divide your total body weight in half to get the recommended ounces of water you need daily. Add 2-4 glasses depending upon how much you workout.



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