Energy drinks contain a lot of additives that can damage your health, even if they do give you much needed energy in the afternoon. For men looking for something to rejuvenate themselves in the afternoon, try looking for healthier and natural alternatives.

Energy drinks have nasty side effects such as tremors, insomnia, irregular heartbeats etc. Nature gives you various alternatives that are not only side effect free but also give you healthy energy to get you through the day.

5 hour energy risks
Credit: MedMD

So, instead of reaching for a sugar loaded can, head to the kitchen and reap the benefits of these 10 energy boosters, compiled by nutrition experts.

1. Eggs

The mainstay of any athlete diet, eggs are powerhouses of energy and contain good amounts of healthy vitamins and minerals. Rich in a range of Vitamin B’s and Vitamin D – eggs help strengthen bones and boost your energy levels. Vitamin D deficiency is widely implicated in causing fatigue and somnolence. Beat the afternoon slump by munching on this protein rich food.

Energy Tip: Restrict your diet to one egg per day along with 2-3 egg whites for the optimum amount of energy and fewer calories and saturated fats.

2. Coffee

Caffeine is widely used as the ultimate pick-me-up by the world. This warm beverage is the best go-to drink if you’re looking for something to rev yourself up. Coffee can also double up as a pre-workout drink. Adding milk to it will give it a milder taste and add vitamin D and calcium to it that you will need for stronger bones and a healthy electrolyte balance.

Energy Tip: Restrict your coffee intake to one cup a day as it is a diuretic and can cause excessive water loss. Try the iced variety to lessen the water loosing effect.



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