Using Milk Thistle as Herb

This herb milk thistle is essential for your liver health. This type of herb is easily accessible in gardens as its seeds are useful and have mild laxative effect plus the properties of anti-inflammatory that helps in promoting your health of liver. We all know that liver works as an organ in our body that helps in cleaning impurities of blood. Healthy liver can make your body healthy and slim.

Using Cinnamon as Herb

Cinnamon is also used as herb which is rich in properties of anti-inflammation. The tea of cinnamon assists in balancing your blood sugar. Balanced level of sugar can help you reducing your appetite. In this way, you can utilize your energy instead of storing it.

Using Ginseng as Herb

Ginseng is also helpful for maintaining your body weight and will boost your stamina and energy. This herb will make your body more active and you can burn up more calories. Research proved that the use of ginseng will help in controlling your diabetic disease and weight loss. You can consume ginseng both in tablet and powder form. Even you can use both leaves of roots and plants for this purpose.

Dandelion Root

The root of dandelion is used as common herb and you can grow this root in your garden. It is also known as weed. Toxin within body can be removed by using dandelion root. This root contains Vitamin A, B, C & D, zinc, magnesium, iron, silicon and potassium. You can use this herb in several ways such as in chopped form as well as in salad. You can also cook its leaves and toss them in butter along with pepper or salt. It can also be used in liquid form like coffee or tea. It is detoxifier that helps in removing poisons from human body. Removal of these poisons is necessary as these can cause joint inflammation, constipation and urinary tract disorders.

Lose Weight with These Herbs and Spices


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