Recent researches showed that the body temperature is connected with the changes in body. Any change occurring in the body results in the fluctuation of the body temperature. Ovulation, the process in which a mature egg is released from the ovum and pregnancy is the process in which egg is fertilized to form a new born baby. These two processes are a great change of body.

Thus the latest research showed that these changes occurring in the feminine body can be detected through body temperature. By keeping the records of your body temperature, you can get the information about your cycles. This can help to get information, and help those who want to get pregnant or not.

Changes in the Body Temperature during Ovulation

In females, the menstrual cycle occurs every month. During this cycle many hormones are released in the body and the body undergoes certain changes. Thus during this process the body temperature fluctuates. The female body consists of ovaries having eggs in it. A hormone named follicle collateral hormone also called FCH is released. This hormone is responsible for ripening the eggs in the ovaries. Thus when the eggs are matured, they release a hormone called estrogen. Estrogen has a cooling affect on the body and makes the body temperature is lowered.

Thus after the release of the estrogen and lowering of the body temperature, luteinizing hormone is released which releases the mature and ripened egg from the ovary into the fallopian tube.

After Ovulation

The ovulation time is about 24 hours in a healthy female. During the ovulation, progesterone is released, which raises the body temperature, making the body warm. And during the specific time period if the egg is not fertilized in the fallopian tube, the egg is released into the uterus. And the release of the progesterone hormone is stopped. Thus within 12 to 16 days the hormone level starts lowering and results in the menstruation.

After Fertilization

If the mature egg inside the fallopian tube gets fertilized, then the release of the progesterone hormone increases. Thus this hormone keeps the body warm by raising the body temperature. This raise in temperature continues the whole pregnancy. Thus during pregnancy the inner temperature of the body is kept warmer.

Some women are seen to have a “Tri-phasic temperature”, during pregnancy. In this the body temperature rises, may be due to pro-longed ovulation. But it is not sure that you are pregnant, if you feel this condition more than 16 days then it’s confirmed that you are pregnant.

Normal Body Temperature and its Fluctuation

The normal human body temperature is about 98.6 degree Fahrenheit or 37 degree Celsius. This body temperature is considered as the normal temperature for human body. Any fluctuation in this temperature can diagnose a change in your body or a medical issue.

Low temperatures below 96 degree Fahrenheit are usually because of hyperthyroidism or ovulation in women’s. Whereas high temperature above 98 are due to health issue, any sickness, adrenal problem, hyperthyroidism or pregnancy in women’s.

Steps to Measure the Body Temprature

There different ways to measure the body temperature. Here are some steps by which you can measure your body temperature and record them in a chart.

  1. Firstly, buy a basal body thermometer.
  2. Measure your body temperature every early morning, as you woke up.
  3. Record your temperature daily in a chart, as this can help you further.
  4. This recording of the chart can help you in your menstrual cycle, ovulation or pregnancy.

The First Signs of Pregnancy

So if you want to conceive you must record your body temperature. By doing this you will get to know which will be the best time to conceive.


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