We all suffer from countless skin ailments and problems, such as eczema, wrinkles, dullness, rosacea, dryness, fine lines and even discolorations. And instead of focusing on our eating habits, daily diets, and nutrient intakes, we believe that the answer to correcting these skin ailments lies in expensive cosmetic treatments and large jars of products laden with chemicals.

Ladies, you can address all your skin care peeves by simply devouring all the right food items that pack up powerful nutrients to correct your complexion and strengthen your skin cells from within, along with avoiding all the harmful food items that sabotage the health and beauty of your skin.

We all know that beauty is more than skin deep, and every single item that goes into our tummies tends to leave behind a powerful effect on our skin. Scientific research has proved that our daily diet is directly associated with our skin and its beauty because the nutrients that we consume on our daily basis determine the ability of our skin to shield itself against potential damage, repair its cells and maintain youthfulness, radiance and glow.

Here are 8 powerful skin-healing and nourishing superfoods to add to your beauty regimen and fight off the symptoms of some of the most common skin ailments. #skincare #skintreatments
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If we consume all the wrong foods, our skin is likely to suffer from inflammation and dryness, which lead to ailments like acne, dullness and dryness. Moreover, our dietary choices and eating habits also have a powerful effect on our hormone levels, which naturally affects our complexion, along with influencing the performance of our genes. In simpler words, in order to rock a flawlessly clear, clean and radiant complexion, you need to eat all the right nutrient-rich foods that promote complexion correctness and natural radiance, along with fighting off inflammation and other skincare concerns.

We’ve picked out eight powerful skin-healing and nourishing superfoods to add to your beauty regimen and fight off the symptoms of some of the most common skin ailments, along with highlighting all the foods and snacks you need to avoid.

Here’s everything you need to know:

1. If you want to Eliminate Acne from your Skin:

Suffering from acne can not only cause a great deal of pain and itching, but it also causes your confidence to diminish terribly. You can fight off the signs of acne by adding more zinc-rich foods, such as oysters, pumpkin seeds, lentils and chickpeas, to your daily diet.

Research reveals that zinc is a powerful mineral that boots naturally-occurring anti-inflammatory properties that aid in fighting of the development of the bacteria that leads to the development of acne. Moreover, you must also avoid drinking blended coffee drinks, because they contain high amounts of diary and refined sugar, the most common culprits that lead to the formation of blemishes and acne spots.

The excessive consumption of refined sugar is one of the greatest causes of acne as it increases the insulin levels of the body, and dairy also contributes to its development because cow’s milk is rich in added hormones. Research reveals that increased insulin levels tend to cause an increase in androgens, which are male hormones present within our bloodstream, responsible for stimulating our oil glands and triggering the breakout of acne.



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