7. Creatine

Creatine is a naturally-occurring compound that is extremely vital for the process of energy metabolism. This substance is naturally present within the body, primarily in the muscles, and smaller reserves can be traced within the brain.

Even though creatine is a widely popular supplement, you can also consume it through certain food items, primarily animal-based food items, such as fish, meat and eggs. Research reveals that the consumption of creatine supplements can aid in enhancing thinking, cognition and memory-based skills amongst people, particularly those who do not consume meat.

In fact, a recent study discovered the vegetarians who consumed creatine supplements revealed a 25-50% improvement in a test that measured their intelligence and memory. However, researchers have not found similar benefits amongst individuals who eat meat. Perhaps, this is due to the fact that meat eaters are already getting sufficient amount of creatine from their diets, and hence they don’t have a deficiency like vegetarians do.

If you’re a vegetarian and experiencing trouble retaining memories, important details, and focusing on certain thoughts, consult your doctor about taking a creatine supplement. If you have a deficiency of creatine in your body, taking a supplement can help you overcome this deficiency and boost your brain health.

8. Bacopa Monnieri

Bacopa monnieri is a medicine-like supplement obtained from the herb of the same name. For hundreds of years, its use and popularity has remained consistent in traditional medicinal practices, particularly Ayurveda, and it is considered extremely beneficial for enhancing brain functioning.

Research reveals that Bacopa monnieri can aid in enhancing memory retention and thinking skills, amongst both, healthy individuals and elderly people who are suffering from a sharp decline in their brain health and functioning.

However, it is also important to consider that these beneficial effects can only be enjoyed after constantly and regularly taking Bacopa monnieri with one’s daily diet. Experts generally recommend the daily consumption of at least 300 mg of this supplement, and you will be able to notice the results after repetitive consumption for around four to six weeks.

Researchers who have examined the effects of Bacopa monnieri have also voiced the concern that it can often lead to symptoms of upset tummy and diarrhea. Therefore, experts recommend consuming this supplement with your daily meals and food items.

The bottom line is, Bacopa monnieri has been scientifically proven to enhance thinking and memory-related abilities amongst both, healthy individuals and patients suffering from decline in brain health and functioning.


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