How Does Weight Loss Surgery Work?

Thinking about weight loss surgery is a major decision for obese patients. Before reaching to any final point you should be completely aware of the procedures and life after the surgery. Because it is going to change the way you live & eat forever. May be you will begin to get ill soon afterwards.

Therefore losing the weight with physical activity and diet control is yet considered the best ever solution. Mainly there are two kinds of surgeries: first one is gastric banding and the second one is gastric bypass.

Adjustable Gastric Banding

In gastric banding an adjustable band is placed around the top area of the stomach making a small pouch like section. When a person eats the food, it goes into that small pouch and gives a sensation of stomach full after consuming a small amount of meal. Thus in this way a person who is prone to eat a lot of meal would begin to consume less automatically, making the low absorption of fats and minerals, finally approaching the steps to the reduced body weight.


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