2016 has seen its fair share of shocking health scandals that range from cleansing conditioner controversies of hair damage to horrible price hikes of live saving drugs like EpiPens. There have been lots of health controversies this year, and we have scooped up all the health & wellness drama that has been paraded by cold marketers and hoax products throughout the year.

The American population was enraged by the horridly exuberant price hikes imposed by pharmaceutical companies, and there many producers and companies who were sued and blamed to have harmed the health of their consumers. Huge accusations were made, hefty settlements were given out to the sufferers and a great deal of drama ensued.

Here are all the details you need to know about the 12 most shocking health scandals of 2016.

1. The Zika Virus shook the entire planet

Zika Virus was perhaps the most shocking headline of 2016, it is caused by mosquitos, and it can be transmitted sexually, often causing microcephaly, a horrid birth defect. It also causes miscarriages, arm and leg deformities in infants and reduces fertility in men.

Rio de Janeiro, the capital of Brazil, was the epicentre of this deadly virus, and with the 2016 Olympics being hosted there, doctors and medical practitioners feared it would get transmitted all over the world. Many athletes, like golf champion Rory Mcllroy refused to attend the Olympics in fear of the epidemic.

However, later in November, the WHO released a statement that Zika virus is no longer a global threat, and the research conducted into developing Zika vaccine proved to be immensely successful. The National Institutes of Health will be testing the vaccines amongst humans with the first of five clinical trials in just a matter of time.


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