First Hour Conditions


Craving is the first and most important symptom with which you can realize that the process is beginning. It can occur after you take the last drink and can go far beyond the end of the process. Further craving symptoms may include:

  • Depression, stress, tension, anxiety
  • Lacking in physical abilities
  • Insomnia- not sleeping
  • Nightmares
  • Thorns in Blood pressure level and heart rate
  • Shivering or quivers- the most common symptom that occurs in almost all the alcohol patients but you got to be deal with it.

The First Two Days of Alcohol Detox

The first hour’s symptoms aren’t that bad but after initial hours there comes the real effects that goes from hallucinations to very deadly seizures. These first two days could be even life threatening but if one passes these two days successfully, the hope of survival throughout the process increases.

  • Hallucinations- very common symptom that occurs in 1st two days.
  • Severe seizures- that is the reaction of the brain and brain cells towards the change.
  • Increased heart rate. And rapid breathing.

The Rest of the Alcohol Detox Process

This detox process can continue to a couple of days after one develops initial symptoms. The next days may come with more difficulty as the symptoms grow severe and serious. You need to handle the situation in a manageable way because the craving and seizures could get severe and the level of hallucinations could also be increased.

In normal cases. The seizures effects decrease to a normal level but still proper medical care is advised in any case. Because the patient is in danger of getting a serious cardio vascular disease like heart attack or stroke and sometimes any severe panic attack. The symptoms may occur for 48 to 72 hours after the last drink.

Alcohol detox treatment can also be done at home but still proper medical care is advised for one’s safety and there are many luxury treatment centers that provide complete care department with medications to fight back with the symptoms.


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