Take a bowl and beat buttercream and shortening together and add 2 cups of sugar and cocoa powder, vanilla extract and 3-4 tbsps. Of milk and beat until you get the smooth desired mixture. Now add remaining sugar and milk to thin out the frosting.


Remove the cakes from the pans and cut the outer upper layer of the cakes with a large sharp knife. And place the first layer of the cake on cake stand or at the cake plate and cover its face with raspberry buttercream spread and spread the mixture evenly on top.

Now place another layer of the cake on the first layer and again cover its top with raspberry buttercream and spread evenly. Top this cake with remaining cake layer and cover it with chocolate buttercream, for the smooth icing on the cake, add chocolate chips in the bowl and in another bowl add heavy cream and red wine and heat in microwave oven until it starts boiling.

Pour this wine and cream mixture on chocolate chips and mix together. This sauce should be spreadable and not too thin. Pour this sauce on the edges of the cake and spread with flat spatula and place raspberries on it and decorate with ‘hello’ written with chocolate and enjoy!


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