Red Wine Chocolate Cake is one of my most favourite cake, not just because I love the taste of it but I enjoyed its making and decorating. This is the yummiest and super moist cake that I can’t wait to share its recipe with you people.

Baking cake is one of my most favourite things to do at my spare time but the layered cakes are so much because they require decorating with a lot of pretty and yummy stuff. Decorating cakes is fun, even if they are simple but to be honest the less I have to deal with fondant the happier I will be in my work. Though this Red wine cake doesn’t look as simple but it is still not hard to make. It is just covered with dense chocolate and topped with raspberries that look awesome on it.

Many of you might be thinking what is the role of red wine in it? Let me clear this confusion, I made this cake with my own simple recipe of chocolate cake and replaced the water with red wine, as simple as that. The flavour of the wine is not overpowering in it but you can feel the slight touch of wine in the cake because this is the moistest and yummiest cake which is unmistakably perfect to eat and bring in parties.

Whenever I taught this recipe to anyone, I am often asked from the people, if the temperature I’m mentioning is wrong, but it’s not. This is a chocolate cake and chocolate cakes are slow bake cakes that require 300 degrees to cook evenly from all sides. I know the wait is torture but when I tried at 350 degrees, it changed the whole outlook and taste of the cake, which I don’t want plus recommend.

The filling I’m making for this cake is of raspberry buttercream, which is so easy to prepare and so yummy to eat plus it has very pretty outlook on the cake when you cut the slice. Even if you have no interest in baking or decorating cakes, you will still make this and will definitely love the outcome, because of rich chocolate cake, deep taste of red wine, and fluffy raspberry buttercream, everything compliments each other in this cake.


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