6. Eating more junk food

Junk food is not healthy as it is indicated by researchers. Junk food contains simple carbs and sugar that can raise the level of sugar in your blood. Those people who rely on junk food usually feel tired.

7. Working during vocations

Vocation is for enjoying and to make you feel relax. Some people keep on doing their work in vacations as well such as communication through emails and telephone. Human body also needs rest and even working on vocations will make you feel tired and this will also affect your health.

8. Using mobile device at bedtime

Mobile devices and gadgets like laptop, smart phones and tablets must be used carefully. You can feel tired by using these devices at bed time as their flaring light is harmful. These days young generation is fond of using these gadgets during whole night for chatting with friends, listening music etc. People of elder age also use these devices for checking emails at bed time. Avoid using these gadgets during night to get rid of tiredness.


  1. drinking hot water or hot drinks at least 5 cups daily activate your blood cycling special if hot drinks are herbals like green tea


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