3. Drinking less water

Water helps a person in hydration that is necessary for healthy body. An individual can keep away from many diseases if his/her body receives adequate quantity of water. An individual must intake 8-10 glass of fresh water every day. If you drink less water then you can feel tired.

4. Less intake of iron

Iron can help a person in becoming strong and healthy. Iron can be obtained from many things like vegetables, fruits, nuts, milk and many more things. Those who take less iron can suffer from weakness that will ultimately result in tiredness.

5. Skipping your breakfast

Throughout night food is consumed within an individual. The food which you eat at dinner time is utilized during night time and your body gets empty in morning time. So, your body needs some food in the form of breakfast that can help you in getting energy. Skipping your breakfast is another reason for getting tired.


  1. drinking hot water or hot drinks at least 5 cups daily activate your blood cycling special if hot drinks are herbals like green tea


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