Have you ever thought why you get tired? There can be several reasons which make you feel tired always. This problem is not a big deal and you can get rid from this problem if you know some important points which matters a lot in your daily routine. Now I am going to tell you some main reasons for this tiredness.

1. Sleeping for less hours

Sleeping less is one of the main and important reason why mostly people get tired. For getting free from this problem you have to sleep well. As per doctor’s recommendation, 7-8 hours sleep is must for a normal person on daily basis.

2. Skipping your regular exercise

Research has shown that regular exercise helps you feel fit and strong. Those who are used to do regular exercise and because of any reason they skip exercise 2-3 days then the person feels much tired.


  1. drinking hot water or hot drinks at least 5 cups daily activate your blood cycling special if hot drinks are herbals like green tea


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