Cancer is one of the most terrifying and dangerous disease in the world wide. About 85% of the people don’t know that they have been suffering from cancer.

There are different types of cancers like breast cancer, brain tumor, stomach cancer (ulcer) etc. All these types of cancer have different types of symptoms. The most common symptoms include fatigue, nausea, anxiety, vomiting, pain, stress and sleep problems.

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Many people are allergic to medicines and don’t use medication for their cure. Rather they prefer the natural treatment. The natural cure for the cancer includes exercise, therapies like acupuncture, music therapy, relaxation therapy and many more.

Home Remedies for Cancer Treatment

Read below here proven natural cures for cancer.

7 Natural Cancer Treatments to Consider


It is a special type of therapy used for treating pain, nausea and stress conditions. Aroma means fragrance. In this therapy fragrant oils are used for giving a soothing condition to the patient.

These fragrant oils can be used in the bath tub and are heated to spread the fragrance in the atmosphere. The sweet smell of the fragrance makes the patient feel comfortable and relax.

Aromatherapy Treatment for Cancer



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