The Japanese people are pretty much health and age conscious. They do not like to look old and feeble plus they enjoy their health with good and natural stuff, they don’t go for medications and pills. Matcha tea is the great and very famous Japanese beverage with numerous health benefits.

This tea is obtained from the leaves of Camellia Sinensis herb. Japanese people pick these tiny and young leaves with hand and keeps them away from oxygen and heat and let them dry in this environment with no oxygen. They ground the dried leaves and make a powder which is called matcha green tea. Just one cup of this super beverage can give your health those benefits you only can wish with something very natural.

Following are the benefits you can attain with this:

Prevents Cancer

Cancer is a disease which can steal all the happiness, self-confidence, and most importantly your health. It could be very much crucial if not taken care on time. The prehistoric Japanese tea that is matcha tea is enriched with one of the most potent antioxidants called Epigallo. These strong antioxidants are very much powerful in contradiction of cancerous cells, and are known troops against cancer activists in the body. This matcha tea contains 100 times more fighter antioxidants than any other tea in the market which claims to fight with cancer cells.


Like I stated earlier, Japanese people don’t like to age. So that’s one of the reasons they consume matcha tea with welcoming gesture than any other tea. Matcha tea has a large amount of very strong antioxidants which can prevent many skin problems like, wrinkles, acne, fine lines and make the look and feel younger than your age.

Boosts Metabolism

Matcha tea helps you burn more fat and calories because it can increase your metabolism. Increased metabolism brings a lot of benefits and the best one is more calories burned. It is shown in the study that people who consume matcha tea along with their balanced healthy diet, they tend to reduce 25% more fat than the people who don’t.


Matcha tea has a lot of chlorophyll in it which is an ideal substance to eliminate toxins from the body.

How to Make


  • Matcha Powder
  • Hot Water
  • Honey
  • Mint Leaves


Matcha powders are available in the market, you can use as a hot tea by steeping in hot water or you can blend in blender with honey and mint for taste buds.


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