We live in a fast world of fast food, where we are always in a hurry. Sometimes running to work, running to school, college or university or sometimes you aren’t in a hurry but just so used to about this fast life. In this running life, we prefer to eat anything that we can make instantly or most of the times sometimes that is already cooked which we call fast food or junk food. Without thinking how badly this can harm our body and how unhealthy this could be.

Eating all those junk, drinking carbonated drinks and having rare physical activity may lead us to weight gain and ultimately obesity. And this is just not the end but this is the start. Obesity is not the last bad thing that could happen to us because of not paying attention to what we eat but it also brings a lot of prolonged diseases which may include diabetes, blood pressure, and joint weakness due to reduced amount of calcium in our bodies caused by carbonated drinks. Plus it can affect your daily life, your activities because you might feel nauseous-tic, dizzy and lazy. And I know this is not the life we choose for ourselves. We born healthy and we are meant to spend our life healthy too. But for this, we need to take care of a lot of things we are ignoring.

There are a number of foods, herbs and spices that aids in weight loss and help us maintain our body weight along with other diseases like weaker immunity, dizzy feelings and diabetes etc. One of the most known herbs and our first ingredient is PARSLEY. They are great in curing urinary infections, kidney disorders and it is a potent diuretic. Its root and leaves are used in very effective medications. I’m going to write a recipe which is obtained a woman who weighed 160+ pounds and after she used this she claimed that she was 5 pounds lighter and the weight she shed was all waste water weight from her body.

Ingredients You Need:

  • Parsley
  • Water


Take 5 tablespoons of parsley and one litter of water. Boil chopped parsley in water for 15-20 minutes and let it cool. Strain the parsley tea with a strainer and your tea is ready to be consumed.

Drink this one litter of tea in one day and get your body free from toxins and feel lighter in no time.


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