3. Liver and Spleen scan

A nuclear scan that employs radioactive particles to aid in diagnosing several liver conditions, such as a tumors, abscesses and more.

4. Ultrasound

An ultrasound of your abdomen can help detect several liver conditions, such as gallstone problems, cancer and cirrhosis.

Liver Treatments

Here are the treatments that doctor prescribe in order to cure liver diseases:

1. Endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography

ERCP is a treatment that helps doctors detect, diagnose and heal liver ailments. It employs a long, flexible tube, which has a camera and certain tools that help obtain imagery of the liver and other organs inside your abdomen.

2. Liver Transplant

When your liver simply cannot perform its functions, it requires a liver transplant, and it can be performed for several liver ailments.

3. Paracentesis

When you develop ascites, your abdomen begins to swell up and your liver is unable to perform its duties. It begins to cause you severe pain and discomfort. This treatment comprises of inserting a needle into your abdomen and draining all the fluid that has accumulated and caused the swelling.


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