4. Albumin

Albumin is a component that is counted alongside the overall protein content present inside your body. It helps detect any possible signs of damage in the functioning of the liver.

5. Ammonia

High levels of ammonia present in your blood suggest that your liver isn’t healthy and is lacking in its functions.

6. Bilirubin

If high levels of bilirubin are detected, they represent an ailing liver.

7. Hepatitis A Examination

If the doctor suspects you to have hepatitis A, you will be prescribed a liver function examination, along with antibodies that will help spot the virus causing hepatitis A.

8. Hepatitis B Examination

For detecting the hepatitis B virus, the doctor will ask you get your antibody levels tested.

9. Hepatitis C Examination

In order to detect the hepatitis C virus, the doctor will examine blood tests along with the functioning of your liver.


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