3. Gallstones

Your liver can catch a horrible infection if a gallstone gets stuck inside the bile gut that drains all the bile from the liver. This can lead to hepatitis, or worse, cholangitis, which is a severe bile duct infection.

4. Hepatitis

Infections like Hepatitis A, B and C causesinflammation to occur within your liver, and sometimes, hepatitis is caused by non-infectious reasons, such as severe alcoholism, drug abuse, obesity or allergies.

5. Ascites

When your liver gets plagued with cirrhosis, it begins to leak the liquids inside it, and these liquids then enter the stomach, causing it to fill up and become heavy.

6. Liver cancer

Hepatocellular carcinoma is by far the most common type of liver cancer, and it tends to occur when the presence of cirrhosis has been detected.

7. Primary sclerosing cholangitis

This is an extremely rare kind of liver disease, and medical science has been unable to unveil much about its causes and origins. This disease causes severe scars and inflammation to occur in the bile ducts of the liver.


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