Imagine your liver as a huge, meaty body part that is tucked inside the right part of your abdomen. It weighs no more than 3 pounds, it has a rubber-like texture and a brownish-red color. It is protected by the rib cage that covers it completely, and makes us unable to touch the liver.

Your liver is divided into two big parts, and these are known as the left and right lobes. Tucked right below your liver is your gallbladder, and some parts of your intestines and pancreas. Your liver, along with these vital organs, works to help your body absorb the nutrients from your food, along with digesting and processing it healthily.

The prime responsibility delegated to the liver is filtering the blood excreted from your digestive tracts, before it flows through your entire body. The liver is also responsible for metabolizing all the drugs that you intake, along with detoxifying toxins and chemicals. And in doing these chores, the liver creates bile that is sent towards your intestine and then, your gallbladder. The liver also generates protein that is vital for several body functions, for instance blood clotting.

Liver Conditions

Listed below are some of the ailments that can plague your liver and cause you immense pain. Here, take a look:

1. Cirrhosis

If the damage that is weakening your liver goes unseen and untreated for a very long time, it causes horrible scarring that becomes permanent, and takes the form of a horrible liver ailment known as cirrhosis. This makes the liver completely impaired and renders it useless.

2. Liver Failure

There are several causes of liver failure, for instance substance abuse like alcoholism, genetic illnesses and infections.


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