Every day we come across fashionable new diets. Do you know that the paleo diet is vegan 5:2 alkaline. This list proceeds on and on. Surprisingly a new diet called the “ketogenic diet” has entered the diet list. Its popularity has reached huge heights.

There has been a lot of hype around this new diet and people have labeled it the magical diet. You might be thinking if you must also jump onto this train. On the alternate, you might be willing to choose a more authentic diet such as the Mediterranean diet. So, if you are considering either of them you must read this.

The fat-burner

Basically the Keto diet is used to transform your fat body figure into a slim figure. But beware this diet is low in carbohydrates. Bread, rice, cereal and vegetables such as potato and corn are banned in this diet. In general the diet is not very beneficial. Although it is used to treat children with epilepsy.

Keto diet eczema
Credit: MedMD

The Keto diet is very constrictive making you deficient of many nutrients and vitamins like fiber, calcium and iron. Moreover the diet is linked with short term weight loss but has an adverse effect on your body. A person feels low on energy and it can greatly affect your social life so no more fast foods. Lastly problems such as constipation and bad breath accompany you.

The heart-helper

The Mediterranean diet is enjoyable and beneficial than any other diet. Scientific research backs up its benefits. Heart health is boosted by this diet moving on the risk of threatening diseases like cancer and diabetes is reduced. But this diet is practical as it doesn’t involve hefty amounts of food such as spaghetti and garlic bread. Instead it involves super nourishing staple food like whole grains, legumes, fruit and vegetables. The primary source of fat and oily fish is extra virgin oil.

The verdict

Concluding that the Keto diet is just a new craze. It may give short term weight loss but is not at all beneficial in the long run. In addition its effects have not been studied thoroughly over the local population. So, if you are on the lookout for a new lifestyle choose the Mediterranean diet. A diet recognized as one of the healthiest diets in the world.


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