This August, Juul plans to delight its users with two exciting flavours: Mint and Virginia tobacco, and these contain an impressive 40% less amount of nicotine.

Juul labs, an innovative start-up that manufacture E-cigarettes have recently announced their decision to begin providing consumers with e-liquid alternatives that contain 40% less nicotine concentration, and these alternatives are all set to hit the markets this August.

These low-nicotine pods are the best and safest way for vapers and chain smokers to start a no smoking regime by slowly and gradually reducing their nicotine consumption without having to completely quit, or even inhale lesser puffs. However, while admiring all the benefits it is important for us to understand that these new low-nicotine pods are still very much addictive and harmful.

The patented system developed by Juul Labs basically aims to provide nicotine much like we obtain it from a cigarette, and this has given the company a great deal of importance and stature. Reports suggest that the latest round of funding is all set to increase the financial worth of Juul Labs to be more than $16 billion.

The e-liquid JuulPods are loaded with nicotine salts, the same compounds that are also present within the tobacco that we smoke in most popular cigarettes. Research based on Big Tobacco that was conducted back in the 1960s reveals that nicotine salts tend to be much less aggressive while inhaling as compared to the free-based nicotine that is found in cigars, and various other popular brands of e-cigarettes. Juul labs creates a cigarette that contains a powerful punch of nicotine, which also goes away quietly and doesn’t harm the human lungs and organs so severely.

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Presently, one single JuulPod can provide you no more than 5% of nicotine, which is nearly the same amount of nicotine that is present in an entire pack of cigarettes. However, soon, Juul Labs is working on providing its consumers the alternative of dialling back the nicotine consumption that has been soaked into their lungs. The company plans to launch a limited quantity of JuulPods flavoured with mint and Virginia tobacco that contain 3% nicotine in local supermarkets and shops across America in August. The bigger and grander release of these new flavours is scheduled to happen in October.

Even though this is an impressive reduction of 40%, Juul Labs tactfully avoid making any kind of statements about whether the consumption of lesser amounts of nicotine can actually pave the way towards completely eliminating nicotine dependency and quitting smoking. Juul Labs markets its product as a convenient “switching tool” that will aid adult smokers in quitting regular cigarettes, which tend to be much more harmful.

According to Kevin Burns, the CEO of Juul Labs, by making these low-nicotine e-cigarettes available in the market, they are providing adult smokers more alternatives and opportunities to find what they consider best for them. Reports suggest that a 40% reduction of nicotine is not sufficient to make the JuulPods comparatively less addictive than actually cigarettes, particularly picking out cigarettes like a tobacco-smelling yardstick.

Recently, the Food and Drug Administration has made announcements of cutting down the nicotine concentration that is allowed for cigarette brands. Authorities believe that the reductions in nicotine levels must be ranging between at least 85 to 95%, which make cigarettes significantly less addictive.

Fortunately, it comes as splendid news that cigarettes with lower concentrations of nicotine don’t appear to be encouraging or increasing the desire to smoke more amounts people. A recently published small-scale study reveals that when the consumption of nicotine was reduced by two-thirds, the participants still continued to smoke nearly the same amount of cigarettes as they did before. And once the nicotine concentration was reduced by 85%, the participants actually started smoking less.

Naturally, we can only understand the effects of increasing and decreasing nicotine concentration upon vaping by actually examining and analysing how adult smokers are using e-cigarettes. And this new low-dose release from Juul is going to be one big experiment conducted in the real world. There is great need for further research on this subject so smokers and non-smokers can develop a stronger understanding.


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