Moringa is an herb that is obtained from the plant of Moringa oleifera that can commonly be found in Uganda and India. This plant is also called Behen and it looks like tree when fully grown. Moringa can be obtained from root, willowy branches and leaves of this plant. Moringa leaves are usually produced, dried and then grounded in powered form for making supplements that can be easily available in medical or health store. Its leaves are full of nutrition when consumed in steamed form.

Moringa is also used for gastrointestinal issues. It has a strong effect on human’s metabolism that can result in burning calories rapidly. Glucosinolates are found in moringa that breakes down in isothiocyantes within human body and few of them also get dissolved in intestines. Beside boosting metabolism, it also entails beta-carotene, amino acids and protein.

Weight Loss Quickly with Moringa

How to Lose Weight Fast with Moringa Tea

How Does Moringa Help Weight Loss?

First of all get fresh leaves of Moringa plant and grind them. Their taste is not so bad and you can also chew them directly. You can also use it in dried form or can make tea with it. Moreover, you can also add it in the soup. You can easily buy dried Moringa from grocery stores or from Amazon.

How to make Moringa Tea

It is very easy to make moringa tea and you can consume it daily at morning time after waking up. For preparing this tea, take 3 cups of distilled water and pour it on a bowl. Place the bowl on medium heat until it starts boiling. Now add 3 tablespoons of moringa leaves (in dried form). Now allow it to cool down and pour the tea in a glass jar. Keep the jar covered so as to keep it dirt free. Now place tea in refrigerator. You can take one cup of moringa tea every morning. On regular usage, you will see that your weight has been reduced. A sweetener can also be added in tea for getting a good sweet taste. Don’t eat anything after having this tea and wait for approximately 15 to 20 minutes. It is best to consume moringa tea during the morning time rather than in evening or nigh time as it will help you in effective results. You will lose your weight if you use this tea regularly.

Moringa Tea Routine / Results

Now I am sharing with you the results of using moringa tea on daily basis. It has been found that drinking moringa tea in morning time for 2 months resulted in losing 13 pounds weight. The exact amount of weight loss will depend on the type of body you own. Some people lose more weight and some lose less weight depending upon their metabolism. Research has shown that more weight can be reduced if you also walk regularly along with taking this tea.

These are the ways of using Moringa for losing your weight. If you are interested in losing your weight then I will suggest you to take Moringa tea everyday for getting the quick results.


  1. Thanks my God i am,fortunate to have Moringa tree which now full of flowers i am drinking tea from fresh leaf for wait loss pl, let me know can Moringa be beeifit for treatment of prostrait /,enlarged


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