Being pregnant is an awesome moment for every couple and conceiving twins is the joyful moment for some couples. There are two types of twin’s i.e. identical twins and fraternal twins. According to medical research twins are formed when an abnormality occurs in the pregnancy.

Identical twins are formed when the fertilized egg is divided into two separate parts forming the twins. While fraternal twins are formed, when two or more female eggs are fertilized by the male sperms. Mostly about 89% pregnancies have chances about conceiving twins and out of which 85% are fraternal twins.

Following factors plays an important role in conceiving the twins;


Recent studies revealed that the chances of conceiving twins in African women are very much greater than Asian women.


Women who are taller have more chances of conceiving twins than shorter women.


Chances of conceiving twins are more in healthy women than thinner women. As a healthy women have the ability to conceive the twins.

4. AGE:

Age is also a factor for conceiving twins. Those women who prefer to pregnant late have more chances of getting pregnant rather than who gets pregnant early.

Natural Conceive Twins Diet

6 Ways to Get Pregnant with Twins

Following are the six steps to conceive twins naturally;


Increase the intake of folic acid. This is very useful in conceiving the twins. This folic acid intake is also good for the baby health and decreases the chances of defect.


  1. Pregnancies with twins comes with very high risks to mother and babies, not to mention the fact that you will be beyond uncomfortable. You have a very high chance of facing loss of income and huge medical bills since it is likely you will spend days, weeks or months in the hospital on bed rest, only to deliver early and your children will spend the first weeks or months in NICU. How many women want that feeling of not getting to hold their babies right away and leave the hospital with empty arms? Most women are unable to produce enough milk to be able to breastfeed and many twins need to be on expensive specialty formula.

    Why would any woman want to risk putting their babies lives at risk and through a long, difficult hospital stay with tubes to breath and eat, repeated IV’s and needle pokes in a fight for their lives?

    Be grateful just to get pregnant and carry a baby to term (and when you’re near the end, complaining how miserable you are, then imagine having 4 arms, 4 legs, 2 heads, 2 bodies, 2 butts and 2 placentas growing inside you, stretching your skin to its very limit, compressing your lungs and bladder, THAT is uncomfortable. Or ask any mom of multiples what it’s like to be on magnesium to stop preterm labor, confined to a bed with multiple monitors attached that are constantly beeping, needing a nurse to help you use the bathroom all while being away from your husband and any other kids you may already have (and when they visit, they WILL be scared and cling to dad, making you feel worse than before the visit).

  2. Uhmm….. I’m sorry for whatever you went through for the person that was warning the risk of having twins. I was blessed to have two beautiful fraternal twins girls at 37 weeks and 5 days. I believe my labor was 5 or 6 hours 🤷🏾‍♀️, natural birth no epidural. The girls were good sizes, 41 minutes apart and we went home after 3 days. Not everyone experience all the crazy risk you hear about. I would love to have another set. I’ve heard crazy stories and a lot of people were concerned about me being at gym and being so big but it all worked out. My girls will be 4 this July. Blessings to anyone expecting twins !

    • Thank u for that message u made because I always wanted a set of twins however god blessed me with single babies and I’m happy with that I just love reading about twins and the message she told will scare a lot of moms that are pregnant with twins


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