Our joints and knees are involved in walking and they also keep right body posture for running, jumping, walking and standing. Knees slowly become loose after some age or because of injuries and wounds. All this is due to the loss of natural lubrication that results in losing flexibility of ligaments and tendons. It is essential to make knees stronger for fighting aging process as well as making them prepared for fast and abrupt movement.

It is important to keep tendons and ligaments healthy. I will share the recipe of a delicious pineapple, cinnamon and honey smoothie. Its regular intake will help in strengthening ligaments and tendons as it is enriched with magnesium, vitamin C, bromelain and silicon.

Pineapple Honey and Cinnamon Smoothie

The things which are required for making this smoothie are:


  • Instant oatmeal = 1 cup
  • Crushed almonds = 40 g
  • Water = 250 ml
  • Chunks of pineapple = 2 cups
  • Cinnamon = 7 g
  • Honey = 40 g
  • Orange juice = 1 cup


1.  First take a pan and add water (200ml) and oats in it and cook them. Then add orange juice 2 cups in it and cook oats in them well.

2.  Later add chunks of pineapple 2 cups, crushed almonds 40 grams, cinnamon 7 grams and honey 40 grams in the juicer or blender. Combine all ingredients to make a smooth paste.

3.  Add mixture of orange juice and cooked oats along with more water (50ml) in the juicer or blender and blend them well to make a smooth paste.

4.  Your tasty and delicious smoothie is now ready to drink. Even you can store this smoothie in damp and cool place and when you want to drink it, add ice cubes in it and enjoy the drink.

5.  This smoothie is best for those people who have problem in their joints and knees. It will help in keeping your joints and knees healthy.


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