How to Treat Constipation Naturally?

Constipation always been one of the common daily base health problem which been part of millions of people lives. Where as women are considered to suffer more because of constipation instead of men. The major reason that women suffer more constipation problems than men is the hormones on GI tract. Main reason of constipation is the less supply of water in human body, while much of the amount of water is absorbed by intestines.

According to the different researches at National Digestive Diseases, it been declared that constipation is a specific condition in which you have less than 3 bowel movements maximum in a week and due to which your stools get hard, dry and small in size and make it so painful to pass through.

Some of the most effective cures for constipation are:

1. Add Prunes in your Diet Plan

Prunes are one of the best cures for the constipation suffering people. It holds a naturally stool loosening sugar which is called “Sorbitol”. This element (Sorbitol) contains a special kind of stimulant which helps the movement of stools outside the body. Prunes naturally contain a high rich fiber that can easily stools out of the body.

2. Bananas Great Constipation Cure

Though all fruits are great source of high fiber and rich in diet, but bananas the king of all the fruits cover a large cure for constipation suffering people. One must select ripe bananas if you wish to relief from the mild constipation problems. Bananas hold a highly rich fiber called “Fructooligosaccharides” which help the banana from fermenting and prove to be natural laxative. While unripe bananas can also lead to other digestive and constipation problems.


  1. Good tips specially for those who ignore care & prevention in diets, light exercise, etc in their daily life routine, despite availability of health care literature on this topic. Thanks.
    PS: Please check these minor spelling mistakes, if convenient.
    6. diary x dairy , chesse x cheese.
    10. observe x absorb.

  2. Exakt vad jag redan visste. Men har man ev cancer i tarmen så hjälper inte katrinplommon eller bananer. Då måste man ta till laxermedel.


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