Are you facing the problem of diabetes? Do you want to control your blood sugar level? If your answer is yes then you don’t need to worry as we are here to help you. Diet plays a vital role in controlling sugar level. Patients can get rid of diabetes if they eat healthy foods that can control their blood sugar levels.

Balanced sugar levels control many hormonal responses within body that are essential for your good mood and energy. Balanced blood sugar can also prevent diabetes (Type II), hypoglycemia and hypertension. You can also avoid obesity by maintaining healthy diet. Now I am sharing with you the foods that can assist in controlling your sugar level.

7 Foods That Help Control Sugar Levels

1. Citrus fruits

Diabetic patients have lower level of vitamin C in their body; therefore citrus fruits are best for them. They can eat oranges, tangerine, lime, kinnow, calamondin, tangor, grape fruit, lemon, key lime, hyuganatsu and many more. All these fruits are rich in Vitamin C and are better than supplements of Vitamin C. These are also rich in fiber and other nutrients that are healthy for human body.



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