Almost many people in this universe are crazy about eating their all time favorite nuts because these are best for their health. But some of them don’t like to eat nuts on daily basis because they think that these nuts are full of high quantity of fats and calories. That’s why the reason they hesitate to eat much nuts. According to the latest research, it is stated that all these nuts are best for nourishing your overall heath and you should eat some nuts on regular basis to make yourself fit and healthy.

Everyone including children has to add nuts in their daily diet because it entails a huge variety of nutrients. These nuts will play a significant role in your life as bones become stronger with these nuts and also help in increasing your skin, nails and hair beauty, cancer prevention, keeping your mind and heart healthy etc. Doctors also recommend all their patients to add nuts in their diet as they are full of nutrition and healthy for their overall body. Here I am sharing some best and top nuts which are vital for your health.

5 Best Nuts for Healthy Living

1. Peanuts

Peanuts are common among people as “Ground Nuts”. Peanuts are famous among children as they like to eat them as snacks, in boiled and salted form plus roasted. If anyone of you wants to get benefit from peanuts then make a habit to eat peanuts in early morning. It will help in making your hair and skin much glorious and shinning. Peanuts contain little fats which assist in maintaining elasticity and suppleness of your skin tone. Peanuts consist of high quantity of manganese which also helps in maintaining your level of blood sugar. These also boost your power of memory as well as helps in controlling your depression.

2. Almonds

It is another nut which is best for your health as it has high quantity of magnesium and calcium that is best for strengthening your bones which is equal to the quantity of cow milk. Almonds are best for all human beings but especially for children as it will help in improving their eye side as well as boosting and refreshing their brain. Different studies prove that almonds play really a vital role in avoiding colon cancer because it contains high content of fiber. Also they help in lowering negative forms in controlling cholesterol in their blood stream.

3. Brazil Nuts

Brazil nuts are high in healthy minerals and nutrients such as selenium, copper, magnesium, niacin, fiber and Vitamin E. Diverse studies have shown that these Brazil nuts are best nut among all ladies because these nuts assist in preventing from breast cancer.

4. Cashew Nuts

Cashew nuts are famous as delicious and tasty nuts in this planet. Women can add cashew nuts when they make diverse desserts, cakes and dishes. Cashew nuts help in preventing coronary disease of heart and lowering bad cholesterol which are high in anyone’s blood. These nuts are high in zinc, copper and selenium. Selenium is really a helpful antioxidant which devastates risky free radicals which are found in body. With help of copper, nuts can help in absorbing these essential minerals from the blood.

5. Macadamia

Like Cashew nut, Macadamia has an extraordinary sweet taste as well as packed with full of nutrients. These macadamia nuts are best nuts and also are good for your health. As these nuts are rich in fats but it is the only nut which entails palmitoleic acid that can prevent from excessive storage of fats.

These all nuts are full of nutrients such as minerals, vitamins, fiber, iron, copper and magnesium.



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