Benefits of 2 Cups Green tea for Weight Loss

Daily consumption of 2 cups of green tea can help you get essential minerals such as zinc, chromium, manganese and selenium. It can also help in prolonging norepinephrine that is a hormone which can accelerate the process of fat burning. In short, it can be said that metabolism is boosted.

Theanine is present in green tea that is amino acid and can improve body alertness. Anxiety is not caused by theanine and it can help in increasing the levels of serotonin and dopamine in human brain. Both of these are neurotransmitters are useful for brain and body regarding cognition, right behavior, memory, sleep, mood, learning, appetite and motivation. In this way, it is found that you can get motivation for doing workouts.

Benefits of 3 Cups Green Tea to Burn Fat

You can burn your fat much rapidly by drinking 3 cups green tea daily. A research has concluded that 11 pounds fat can be loosed by consuming 3 cups of green for the time duration of 1 year. You can burn 100 calories everyday with this quantity of green tea. You can also burn the fat of abdomen if you also do exercise. Your belly can become fit by using green tea.

Things to remember while Drinking Green Tea

We have learned about the benefits of drinking green tea however there are also some cautions that must be taken by those individuals who consume green tea. Research has found that drinking 6 cups or above in a day can result in severe headaches, vomiting, insomnia, nervousness, diarrhea, confusion, irritability, dizziness, unbalanced heartburn, convulsions and tremors. All this is because of the high intake of caffeine. Sometimes your stomach also becomes upset with high dosages of green tea. If you are using some medicines then do take the advice of your doctor as in some cases green tea interacts with these medicines.

Consuming green tea can help you become healthy and fit as its advantages are astonishing. Any individual can enhance metabolism as well as boost rate of fat burn inside the human body. Thus it can be said that green tea can help lose weight and it is considered as best drink to burn fat rapidly.


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