7. Useful in Treating Flu

Flu and nausea are considered to be a major disease which cannot be cured. Flu is one of the most irritating as well as disturbing diseases. There is no medicine for the treatment of flu caused by different types of viruses. Garlic can be used for curing cold coughs as well as flu. It should be used in making food and cooking.

The benefits of garlic cannot be counted on finger tips and lot of time will be consumed in doing so. The above are most common and useful benefits associated with garlic.

Scientists as well as doctors have recommended that garlic should be used in making different types of medicines, especially antibiotics because of its useful qualities. Garlic can be found everywhere in the world and in every season.

Garlic can be stored for long period of time in the refrigerator as well as at room temperature. Every person should use garlic and enjoy the unlimited advantages.



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