Bamboos are mostly used in Asian broths and dishes and these are easily accessible in canned, dried and fresh version in different stores and market places. Still mostly folks don’t know about bamboos and they might have heard this fruit name first time in their lives. But it is really a good fruit which helps your body against diverse diseases. It is also best for those males and females who are totally fed up with their problem of high cholesterol as bamboo helps in reducing higher level of cholesterol within some weeks if anyone eats them on regular basis.

Bamboo is mostly used in cutlery, tools, medicines, construction, music and cuisines. Bamboos are enriched along with manganese, iron, calcium, chromium, potassium and zinc and the vitamins which are included in it are E, A and B6. Here I would like to share with you some top healing benefits of bamboo which are as follows:-

9 Health Benefits of Bamboo Leaves

1.  Losing Weight

Bamboo is best for decreasing your overall body weight. As we all know that in bamboos there is high quantity of sugar, carbohydrates and calories but some of the people don’t know that these are almost negligible. Bamboo is simply a perfect fruit for those who really want to lose their weight in short period of time.

2.  Low in Calories

If we consume 1 medium cup of bamboo then it reduces almost 14 calories and fats from your body. These bamboos are little in sugar as well as hold two grams of the protein as per serving. So drink one glass of bamboo daily.

3.  Fight with Disease of Cancer

Different studies of research conducted that bamboos are best for your health. As bamboos’ leaves consists of the Phytosterols like chlorophyll, amylase and flavones which help in controlling properties of cancer and mutations.

4.  Corrects Women Irregular Cycle of Menstruation

Mostly in Asian countries, Bamboo is used as medicine as its leaves juice helps in correcting menstrual irregularities of females. It also helps in regulating cycle of menstruation regarding issues which includes ex excessive bleeding throughout periods. Even the nodes of bamboo are used to make decoction for giving relief in menstrual problems. So those women who are facing the problem of irregular menstruation must eat this fruit regularly.

5.  Respiratory Disorder

Bamboo is also known as best medicine which is effective against the problem of respiratory disorder. The decoction made with bamboo is prepared by bamboos by adding water in it and then boiling it for 15 minutes. You can consume this decoction with honey.

6.  Anti-inflammatory

Another research conducted that bamboo possess the properties of anti-inflammatory, pain-killing and analgesic. It also provides assistance in healing the ulcers. Bamboo juice is used as medicine such as ulcers, swollen injuries and external wounds plus helps in reducing internal and external swelling of your overall body.

7.  Strengthening Immune System

The minerals and vitamins that are found in bamboo are ideal and perfect for humanizing your immune system. The antioxidants, minerals and vitamins present in the shoots of bamboo are vital in strengthening your body from inner side.

8.  Natural Diuretic

The bamboo shoots are used as natural diuretic as to stimulate urine flow of humans along with troubles of urinary. For this problem, bamboo leaves can easily restore your body fluid as well as promoting your bladder health.

9.  Possible cures of Poisoning

Research also conducted that if we use the juice of bamboo leaves on those wounds which are done through scorpion or snake biting then these can be cured. The extract that entails in bamboo shoots contains properties of anti-venomous.


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