Pea protein is a well-known veggie that is packed with protein. It also contains amino acids and has very low carbohydrates. Pea protein is not just alkaline but also non-allergenic in nature. Try to eat whole green peas rather than the pea protein as it is processed product. By eating peas, you can get 8grams of protein in 1 cup. For the majority of individuals, these are more tolerable as compared with legumes and beans. They are sweet in taste, and you can mix them with almost anything. Your body will get several minerals and vitamins once you start eating them.

Green peas are produced in the spring season and you must consume a lot of them in that season. You can use peas in soup, salad, smoothie, or any meal. Following are the benefits of eating green peas.

1. Regulate Your Blood Sugar

All legumes and beans are rich in plant-based protein and fiber. They can help in regulating blood sugar as well as maintains a healthy, strong body. Green peas were particularly effective for blood sugar as they contain less starch as compared with beans. Natural sugars found in peas are balanced by protein and fiber content to assist in slower digestion. No fat is present in these peas and they are best to use for diabetics as they support the healthy heart.

2. Anti-Inflammatory

The bright green color of peas naturally indicates the presence of high chlorophyll. This is a green pigment that is produced in plants through sunlight along with the growth of plants. Chlorophyll has natural anti-inflammatory and detoxifying properties. Also consume other leafy greens and green veggies in addition to green peas. Peas also contain vitamin C that is also an anti-inflammatory agent, which is essential for staying healthy. Nearly 100 % of your daily requirement of vitamin C can be met by 1 cup of green peas.


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