Your feet can you volumes about your health and vitality, because any infection or ailment that plagues your body tends to exhibit the earliest symptoms by effecting the health of your feet.

Foot ailments are mostly caused by infections that damage your circulation process, while diabetes is also a prevalent cause of these issues.

Foot Say About Health
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Here, take a look at the foot ailments listed below to learn more:

1. Heel Ache

Pain in your heels is mostly caused by plantar fasciitis, an extremely common kind of inflammation where a long ligament gets attached to bone of your heel. The ache tends to worsen when you wake up in the morning, and every time you attempt to exert pressure on your feet.

There are several other causes of heel pain as well, for instance a hard and excessively grueling workout, badly fitted heels, tendonitis, and arthritis. Some other causes, which tend to be very rare, include the presence of a tumor, a spur in the heel bone, a bone infection or a bone fracture.

2. Claw Toes

Claw toes is a fairly common foot problem that is caused by a diseases that destroys your nerves, for instance alcoholism, neurological disorders and diabetes. But it can also be caused by tight shoes that hurt your feet and cause your toes to bend.

Claw toes are basically a kind of foot deformity that causes your toes to bend upward, and move away from the ball of your feet, and assume a downward position from your middle joint, ultimately taking the shape of a claw. This deformity can be cured with certain kind of special shoes, along with stretching and exercising. However, in certain cases, doctors are also forced to perform a surgery.


  1. My husband has tingling in his feet and pain he got a cold and counts not get over it so when he went to Dr he had multipal myloma and kidney failure

  2. Excellent,informative and insightful article. I’m a diabetic and suffer pain and cold in my feet, so good to have an explanation of what’s happening. Many thanks.

  3. Please i wrote down all the information you asked for. So could you please let it go through and keep me up to date.

  4. I can recommend taking a ginger supplement or (DE) Diatomaceous Earth (SILICA ) which we are all lacking and is second most important next to Oxygen. Food grade only . A couple of teaspoons helps inflammation .

  5. I have for the last two weeks experiencing a painful left heel pain as I get up off my bed or coach.I am overweight by 45kg but have never had this pain before.As I walk for a few minutes the pain subsides but when I first stand on my feet the pain is excessive.If I press my left heel with my thumb it is painful.The pain is immenent just after the arch of my left foot just before the the side of the heel not exactly in the middle of the foot.

  6. Dear , I am gout patient for more than 20 yrs. Even though much bettter now after take febuxostat & probennecid for fews years already.
    Is it help me if i take chlorophyl liquid. ? Any ways to reduce uric acid ?

  7. If you’re having pain in your legs or feet & if you’re dieabetic you might have nerapathy & you don’t have to be dieabetic to have nerapathy talk to your Dr & ask him to test you to see if you have nerapathy if you do he or she can give you something to help with the symptoms of it.hope this is helpful for you & others who are having pain in there legs & feet.


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