People who carry extra weight usually suffers from higher cholesterol in their bodies that leads to diseases like hypertension, diabetes, breathing problems and poor digestion. Yet it is important to shed those extra pounds and to control your cholesterol level to stay safe. Some of the doctors who too much depend on medicines recommend to take cholesterol controlling pills but nobody suggests weight loss supplements because they know how harmful they can be. But there is a special homemade drink that helps to get rid of both the problems. Yes, the drink I am going to prepare is highly recommended by doctors because it’s all natural and pure and doesn’t contain any side effects.

The procedure of making this magic drink is very simple and you don’t have to bring some very special elements or ingredients, equipment, knowledge and there’s no hard and fast rule as well.

This effectual homemade drink is encumbered with incredible nutrients and the idyllic balance of these essential nutrients is the reason why cholesterol levels in the body go down and stabilized and why the stubborn fat around your belly, back and lower body is broken down.

In addition to the benefits, this drink can soothe stomach inflammation, irritation, poor digestion and pain.


  • Parsley 1 lbs
  • Lemon 3 (organic)
  • Baking Soda 1 tsp.
  • 2 litres of filtered water


1.  Rub the lemons with baking soda (all sides) to remove the harmful pesticide spray counts on the lemon skin. Do this with all the lemons and wash them with clean water.

2.  Take the lemons and choke them in small tiny cubes and chop the parsley. Set aside both of the things.

3.  Take a large pan and bring the water to the boiler and steep. Remove from the heat and let it cool.

4.  Pour the water into a jug and add the lemon chunks and chopped parsley in the water.

5.  Keep the mixture in the refrigerator for next 24 hours.

6.  After 24 hours, strain the mixture carefully and put it in a clean glass bottle.

7.  Brink every 100 ml of this drink every day.

It will take only a few days for you to notice the visible difference in your body and health. You will feel energetic and the stubborn body fat, you have been trying to reduce since ages will start leaving your body. Try to avoid carbonated drinks and eliminate junk from your diet to see even better results.


  1. This is false and dangerous for persons with hypertension. There is no proof that sodium bicarbonate will ever make someone lose weight. It can cause swelling LOL


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