Evolution is something which can not be escaped. Emerging lifestyle with varying habits like smoking and soaking the sun for long at beaches can sometimes push you to the edge of getting diseased with diseases, especially cancer.

Some things which we use in our daily life induce the cells to divide faster than normal rate or damage their DNA by interfering with the transcription process of the template version, converting them into cancerous cells. While in some cases the disease can be inherited if there is a positive family history.

Tobacco Products

Products like cigars, cigarettes, and pipe tobacco are made from dried leaves of tobacco. To increase the smoking pleasure and enhance the taste many additives and flavors are added in the form of chemical mixtures.

Tobacco smoke has seven thousand chemicals in which seventy are surely known to be a precursor of cancer including nicotine, ammonia, methanol, benzene, formaldehyde, poisonous gas nitrogen oxide & carbon monoxide, cadmium, arsenic, & nitrosamines. All of these are deadly in nature affecting other body parts too.


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